Student Direct Stream (SDS) List Updated To Accommodate Pakistan Students

A study permit allows international or foreign students living in Canada to study any course of their choice at a designated institution in Canada. International students will have to apply for a study permit before they enter Canada.

The normal processing time for the study permit is usually between 8 to 20 weeks which is a long time to wait and the processing time is also dependent on your country of origin.

Recently, Canadian Immigration Minister announced the introduction of a new Student Direct Stream (SDS) program which would reduce the time for the study permit application processing time to 19 – 20 days.

This new program is mainly for Pakistani students who apply for a study permit in Canada. The Canadian government wants to attract students who have very bright minds and those who can add positively to the economy of the nation the minister of immigration stated in a report.

Student Direct Stream

The new program was first used to attract students from India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and China. This list has now been updated to accommodate students from Pakistan who wish to study in Canada.

Students who come to Canada from around the world help to improve the social, economic and cultural lifestyle of the country and those who reside in it.

Student Direct Stream (SDS) will also follow the usual process and meet all the requirements for a study permit application including payment of tuition fees, providing proof of to show Language proficiency.

Students will also be eligible to work in Canada after graduation, through the post-graduate work permit. These allow them to integrate smoothly into the Canadian workforce.

The Minister of Immigration stated that “if the country combines the education students receive in Canada and the work experience they would get after graduation, then the economy will witness great improvement. Students will equally be in a good position to apply for a permanent residence”.

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