Undergraduate / Bachelor's Degree

Bill 7 Award LGBTQ Scholarship
The Bill 7 Award is a scholarship for individuals with demonstrated financial need after accessing available public financial support.  To be eligible to receive a Bill 7 Award scholarship, individuals must also meet ALL of the following three criteria:
Aurora College Application 2019 For International Student In Canada
Aurora College, which was initially called Arctic College, is a school in the Northwest Territories, Canada, with grounds in Inuvik, Fort Smith, and Yellowknife. They have learning areas and centers in 23 communities in the Northwest Territories. The head office for Aurora College is situated in Fort Smith.
A-1 Auto Transport Scholarship
1 Scholarship of $1000 will be offered to the person who sends the best 1000 plus word essay to scholarships@a1autotransport.com. The scholarship will be sent directly to any accredited school. Please inform us of which school you plan to attend plus full contact details in an email.
Student Scholarship Program
Wholesale Furniture Brokers is offering young college and university students a chance to win $1000 scholarship. Whether you are studying in the field or marketing, business, Information technology, arts, communication or medical all can apply for the scholarship. Turn your passion into power and fulfill dreams.
MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship
MPOWER Financing provides fixed-rate education loans between $2,001.00 to $50,000.00 to students from 190+ countries studying in any academic field. MPOWER loans can be used to cover basic tuition as well as other expenses related to being a student (housing, food, insurance, books, etc.).