Aurora College Application 2019 For International Student In Canada

Aurora College Application 2019 For International Student In Canada
Aurora College Application 2019 For International Student In Canada

Aurora College, which was initially called Arctic College, is a school in the Northwest Territories, Canada, with grounds in Inuvik, Fort Smith, and Yellowknife. They have learning areas and centers in 23 communities in the Northwest Territories. The head office for Aurora College is situated in Fort Smith.

International Students are foreign nationals who are approved to school in Canada under a Study Permit, as characterized by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations. A foreign national is an individual who is neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent occupant.

Qualification To Apply

Qualified applicants are examined based on:

  • Assessment of Excellence and Innovation.
  • Creativity in facing difficulties
  • Success and manageability
  • Influence on students, the school and community.

Application Process:

Application expense for International Students is $200 and it’s not refundable.

1. Occupants of the Northwest Territories get first preference for entrance into Aurora College programs.

  • International Student applications won’t be given any attention until every single local application have been considered.
  • A reaction to International Student applications ought not to be expected before July for programs that start in September. This may influence the capacity to get a Study Permit.
  • International Students won’t be acknowledged into programs if they are not able to go to class on the main planned day.

2. New International Students will be required to present the results of an English Language proficiency test at the period of application.

3. Applicants from other countries must give adequate information to the Admissions office to review transcripts and decide Canadian equivalencies.

  • If Canadian equivalencies can’t be resolved based on what has been presented, the application will be turned down. foreign Students are usually urged to audit the program admissibility criteria to determine if they are eligible before applying.
  • Transcripts ought to be submitted in one of Canada’s approved dialects (English or French.)
  • It is firmly suggested that candidates have transcripts translated by a renowned Canadian transcript assessment service, for example, International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS).

4. Aurora College admits students at a different time interval, but for clarity applying at these specific times would be most preferable:

  • The programs which start during the fall (August to November), apply in February
  • The programs which start during winter (January to March), apply in September
  • The programs which start during spring (April or May), apply in January.

5. Fill out the form Aurora Form. you can also visit the site for more information Aurora College

Educational cost and Fees:

Educational cost for International Students ( July 1, 2017) is $4,500 in addition to student’s fees per semester for most of the degree, diploma, and certification programs. One special case is the first semester of the Environment and Natural Resources Technology Diploma, which is $6,675 in addition to student charges.

Housing and Accommodations:

When you have gained admission into a program, International Students are expected to get their own lodging inside the community.

Essential Information:

Aurora College does not keep up an International Students Office, and so will not be able to give any support past those accessible to residential or domestic students.

Aurora College doesn’t offer ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for International Students who are hoping to school abroad.

The Cost of Living in the Northwest Territories is higher than in most different locales of Canada. Global Students going to Aurora College ought to guarantee they have sufficient assets for educational cost, housing, transportation, and everyday costs.

Aurora College is located far north of Canada. The climate, particularly in winter, can be outrageous, with temperatures routinely falling beneath – 30C.

Global Students wanting to go to Aurora College ought to know about these details and plan to manage an extremely cold temperature. Special clothing and it is required that is not needed in most climates.