Saskatchewan New International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream Created For International Graduates Launched

Saskatchewan has introduced a new International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream through its provincial nominee program. This new program will be used to invite eligible international business graduate of Saskatchewan post-secondary schools to apply for permanent residence.

This pathway will give an opportunity to graduates who have intentions of settling in Canada precisely Saskatchewan to start up a business in the province and be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

The new Saskatchewan International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream was introduced on December 3rd, 2019, to help retain and aid graduates who have completed their business degree successfully at an eligible university in Saskatchewan.

These business graduates or Entrepreneurs will be allowed and assisted to create businesses in the province that will, in turn, create jobs for those living in the province. It also offers them opportunities through a nomination to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Candidates must first show their interest to settle and invest in the province and must have successfully integrated into some of the communities in the province.

Only full-time post-secondary degree or diploma program for international graduates in an approved university or other eligible post-secondary institution of at least two years’ duration are eligible.

Those who are approved will have to operate and manage a business in Saskatchewan for at least one year and own at least one-third of the equity in a qualified business in order to be eligible for a provincial nomination for permanent residence.

Saskatchewan New International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream


Those who are eligible for the SINP’s International Graduate Entrepreneur Category are:

  • Candidates who are above 21 years old
  • An International Graduate who studied a full-time post-secondary degree or diploma program.
  • International Graduate of a University or Post-secondary institution that is approved or listed as a designated learning institution by the Canadian government.
  • Have a valid Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) with at least two years of eligibility remaining.
  • Resided in Saskatchewan for the duration of their academic program.
  • Have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 7.

Steps To Apply

  • Submit an Expression of Interest
  • You will be invited to apply if your expression of interest profile is approved.
  • Then you must sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) based on their previously submitted Business Establishment Plan (BEP).
  • Establish your business and then participate actively in the running of the business.
  • When you meet all the required conditions, you will become eligible to apply for the SINP provincial nomination for permanent residence.

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