Permanent Residency Through Marriage

Coming to Canada is usually not hassle-free especially with the number of people applying for a visa. You can apply for a student visa, work visa, holiday visa, etc.. But, the chances of anyone get a positive result are usually very tin since the competition has grown very stiff.

We have talked about how you can easily migrate to Canada as a student. It is one of the fastest ways anyone can easily exploit. Another way to immigrate faster to Canada and even become a permanent resident or citizen is through marriage.

Getting married to a Canadian citizen will give you a pathway to becoming a permanent resident. once it is ascertained that your intentions for marrying a Canadian are genuine. When your marriage is consummated, your spouse will have the right to sponsor you to Canada or nominate you for permanent residence.

There are three steps to follow when you are migrating to Canada by Marriage:

  • Find a Canadian Spouse
  • Complete the Legal Marriage Contract
  • Apply for Residency in Canada

Find A Canadian Spouse

If you find someone (Canadian citizen either a male of a female) that you love and would be ready to spend your life with the person, you can both get married legally.

There are many ways to find a Canadian spouse. One could be recommended by a friend or family; you could meet one in the line of business transactions. All those are formal ways of hooking up with a Canadian spouse.

Permanent Residency Through Marriage

Complete marriage rights.

You have to be married and have a recognized legal document to support your marriage. The Canadian citizen can travel down to your home country for the marriage or you can go to Canada as a visitor and then complete the marriage there.

Either way, the marriage once it is completed, the non-citizen spouse becomes eligible for sponsoring and nomination.

Apply for permanent residency.

When the marriage rites have been completed and you are both married legally, then it is time to apply for permanent residency.

At this point, the Canadian government has to be convinced that your marriage is not a sham and that your intentions for marrying a citizen are not just to obtain permanent residence or citizenship.

One of the ways they can check this is to find out how long you both have been married, marriages that have stayed longer are considered genuine.

If they are satisfied with what they have discovered, then your application for permanent residence or citizenship will be processed. You must meet all the requirements of course, and also with your Canadian spouse consent.

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