Is It Possible To Get A Job In Canada Before Immigrating?

This is a question we oftentimes get on this blog. Many of you want to know if it is possible to secure a job in Canada while you are still in your respective countries.

The answer is YES! It is very possible to get a job in Canada even before leaving your country and in this article, you will learn some of the ways to get a job in Canada before immigrating.

But before I can dive into that, I need to help you understand that unlike some other countries where immigration requirements require you to secure a job first before moving to their country, you do not need a job offer to immigrate to Canada.

There are programs available for you to apply for permanent residency in Canada even without having a job. You are eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence if you are a skilled worker.

Most of the pathways to Canada involves the requirement of having a job offer from a Canadian employer. In our article “7 Easiest Ways To Move To Canada” you will notice that while some of the methods require a job offer from an employer, some such as Spousal Sponsorship, self-employed occupations, students, and investing in a business in Canada does not require you to have a job offer.

So How Do I Get A Job In Canada While I Am In My Country?

Applying for jobs in Canada while you are in your country is the easiest part, you can find tons of jobs in Canada from job boards such as and While you may be qualified to apply for some of these jobs, the fact that you are not in Canada may make it impossible for you to land any of such jobs.

This is because for you to be employed by a Canadian employer while you are still in your country, the employer will have to advertise the job offer for a while and can only be allowed to employ someone outside of Canada if no Canadian citizen or permanent resident applied for the job.

The employer will have to obtain a permit from the Canadian Ministry of Employment and Social Development to bring in someone from outside of Canada to take up the position

What are the chances of getting a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA when there are tons of unemployed people searching for the same kind of jobs in Canada?

Except you are a professional who does not need a work permit to move into Canada, you have a hurdle to cross here if you are to get that job in Canada while you are still in your country.

What Other Ways Are There For Me To Get A Job In Canada While I Am Still In My Country?

All hopes are not lost, people still get jobs in Canada while still in their countries from time to time.

There are numbers of ways you can get a job offer from a Canadian employer while you are still in your country.

  1. Job Fairs: A job fair is a great opportunity for meeting and networking with potential Canadian employers while still in your country. You can learn more about the job opportunities and organizations you are interested in working for.

You can find upcoming local job fairs in your country through magazines, social media, employment service agencies, the internet, professional associations, and most importantly check the nearest Canadian embassies to see if there are any job fairs held by Canadian businesses in your country.

Job Fairs or Career Expos allow community partners and professionals to meet with prospective job seekers, interns, and volunteers. You can submit your resumes at such events and find out more about the job and employer.

  1. Job Agencies: Another way you can get a job in Canada while still in your country is through using job agencies.

Employers are increasingly relying on job consultants to find talents for their vacant positions.

Check out our post on “Best Job Consultants In Canada For Foreigners” and see some of the best job agencies in Canada you can use to find your dream job in Canada even before leaving your country.

All the job consultants listed in the article are oriented towards foreign workers.

  1. Use The Internet: You can also use the internet to look up employers’ websites who may be interested in hiring someone with your skills.

You can simply send them emails with your qualifications and skills and why you think you are the best person for the position in their company. Some employers value people who take initiative to reach them and applying for a position.

You can also lookup jobs in Job Bank. The Canadian Job Bank is one place you can find any type of job for your skills.

Social Media is yet another way you can connect and meet Canadian employers and introduce yourself and your skills to them. LinkedIn is the perfect place to meet such professionals and connect with them.

If you do not already have a LinkedIn account, I recommend you set up your account today, ensure your online reputation is respectable, and network with professionals in your field.

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