Immigrate To Canada As A Skilled Worker

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) is designed for people who possess the required skill and work experience to immigrate to Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker Program under Express Entry provides a pathway to Permanent Residency in Canada.

This immigration stream is point-based which requires applicants to earn at least 67 points to be eligible, the qualifying factors are based on age, education, work experience, and language proficiency.


Like every immigration stream, you must be eligible before you begin your application process. The Federal Skilled Worker Program requires applicants to satisfy the following eligibility criteria.

  • Must have a job offer
  • Be eligible to work in Canada
  • Provide proof of financial capability to support yourself after you arrive in Canada.
  • Language Proficiency
  • Educational qualification
  • Work experience must be National Occupational Classification (NOC) compliant either Skill Level A, Skill level B, or Skill type 0
  • Age within the acceptable threshold
  • You do not have any criminal conviction

Note: Please note that the FSW point system is different from Express Entry points.

Immigrate To Canada As A Skilled Worker

Apply For The Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you satisfy the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the FSW program under Express Entry where you will be required to submit your profile. Express Entry is point-based, your profile will be ranked based on Express Entry the following criteria.

  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Adaptability
  • Education etc

Processing Fees

  • The processing fee for the Principal applicant is $1,040 CAD ($550 processing fee + $490 right of permanent residence fee)
  • The processing fee for Spouse or common-law partner is $1,040 CAD ($550 processing fee + $490 right of permanent residence fee)
  • The processing fee for a dependent child of the applicant who is below 22 years of age and is not a spouse or common-law partner, or the dependent child is 22 years or older but is financially dependent since before the age of 22, due to a mental or physical condition is $150 CAD

If your profile is pooled among the highest scoring and your visa is approved, you will be eligible to live and work in Canada as a permanent resident, you can also sponsor your family to become permanent residents, interestingly after spending three years as a PR, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

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