How to Successfully Change Your Career At 30

You are 30 years old already, and now the career you thought was right for you is no longer making you happy. Thought of waking up and going to work daunts you, and you feel its time to find a new job or career.

If you love your job, you wouldn’t think of changing it, would you? There are several reasons why anyone would want to change career, but before you decide on that find out what your options are with your current job and ensure you explore all necessary situation of your present career.

Changing your career means working or doing a different job or career field. Take for example you have a job as a nurse or a lawyer, and you decide to change your career and work as a painter or a musician. And sometimes we do not plan to change careers, reasons may occur.

We do not know what the future holds, a company may decide to cut expenses or restructure and you end up losing your job. At this point, you are left with no other option but to find a new job probably in an entirely different field or career. Whatever the reason, you should be aware that changing from what you used to know, and do or entering another is not simple.

Reasons Why People Change Career

  1. Company downsizing or restructuring.
  2. Possible job relocation.
  3. Company closing.
  4. To improve work-life.
  5. Poor relationships with co-workers or managers.
  6. Not a good fit for the company.
  7. You feel your contributions to the company are constantly undervalued.
  8. Ineffective leadership at work.
  9. To get better pay or salary.
  10. Your job is too stressful and you feel worn out always.
  11. You lost your passion for the field.
  12. Probably you just needed a new challenge.

How to Plan your Career Change Successfully

  • Discover yourself and what you liked or disliked in your previous career and work on it.
  • Do proper research on different careers and discover which one of them you are likely to succeed
  • You should find a mentor in the new career to guide through it.
  • Undergo training if possible be schooled by a professional in that field.
  • If it is possible to work as an apprentice for 2 or three years and find out the advantages or disadvantages.
  • Start searching for a job, or if you were an apprentice, getting one will not be such a difficult task.

We hope that this could help make the switch easier for you. Some people could easily change jobs or careers and some others may find it quite challenging.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding changing your job or career, kindly use the comment section below to get in touch, we will try as much as possible to help you with it.

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