How to Prove Your Spouse or relative Relationship are Genuine To an Immigration Officer

In Canada applications for spouse sponsorship to Canada are handled with uttermost caution. When a spouse, common-law partners or conjugal partners submit a sponsorship application, they must attach with valid evidence to prove their union.

The first and most important requirement is that you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident to qualify as a sponsor. And aside from the documents you have provided to prove your relationship, you will equally convince the immigration officer that you are not just in the marriage to get a permanent resident card.

A letter or a personal statement submitted with your application is often required to prove the authenticity of your relationship with a partner or a relative.

To become a sponsor, you will need to submit a document proving that you are:

How to Prove Your Spouse or relative Relationship are Genuine To an Immigration Officer

How To Prove Your Relationship

All applications for spouse sponsorship are first assessed by the immigration officers to prove the marriage is genuine and not just some act the defraud the Canadian government. To this effect, applicants are asked to bring a letter which is often referred to as proof of relationship letter and personal statement. The letter of support will come from the couple’s friends and family members, and they must include a few things in the letter. Things like:

  • Things about the couple’s relationship
  • the first time they became aware of the relationship and how they knew about it.
  • Your vote of approval confirming how real and genuine the relationship is.
  • And contact information in case of further inquiries.

Receipts of payments made for the wedding, including venue payment receipt, dresses receipt, etc.

A wedding card showing that the couples were married on a particular date.

Photos of your time together before and after the marriage.

Conversations, interactions, emails and texts exchanged by couples before and after the marriage.

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