How to Immigrate Permanently to British Columbia, Canada

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada and British Columbia is the province you have in mind? The best way to move to Canada is through a nomination, and for British Columbia, you get an invite through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) when you apply directly or through the Canadian express entry program.

British Columbia is one of the biggest and most popular provinces in Canada. Each year approximately 35,000 immigrants are welcomed to the province through different pathways and programs.

Immigrants who are looking for a good life, a good job, and a place to settle with their families can apply to come to this province. The best part is that they have immigration procedures that allow applicants to fast track their application.

The three BC PNP streams that allow you to fast track your application and quickly migrate to Canada and become a permanent resident includes BC PNP Skills Immigration, BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration, and BC PNP Tech Pilot.

There are still other programs like the international student stream that allows you to move instantly to the province to study and become a permanent resident.

Easiest Way To Get Permanent Residence In British Columbia

British Columbia has so many programs that allow you to easily migrate to Canada and also become eligible for permanent resident permits. However, there are three main tested fast track pathways under the British Columbia Permanent Residence Program, to help you immigrate faster to the province. They include:

How to Immigrate Permanently to British Columbia, Canada

1. Skilled Immigration Stream Under BC PNP

Under this stream, immigrants with specific skills needed in British Columbia are invited to help fill up vacant job positions. This is the fastest way the government of British Columbia uses to reduce labor shortage in the province and increase the economy of the province.

Skilled immigrants are highly valued not just in British Columbia but also in Canada at large. They contribute immensely to the economic growth of the country.

A skilled immigrant may include international students who graduated from a school in the province, Health care professionals, Heavy-duty equipment mechanics, truck drivers, etc. depending on which jobs are in demand in the province, you will most definitely receive an invitation to apply for PR.

Requirements to Apply Under the Skilled Immigration Stream, BC

  • Applicants must first secure a valid full-time permanent job offer from an employer in British Columbia.
  • You must show that you have enough funds at least to meet the minimum income requirements.
  • The salary and wage offered must meet the competitive wage requirement for the occupation in British Columbia.
  • You must be qualified for the job being offered, and provide valid documents to show this.
  • You must submit a valid language test to show proof of language proficiency in either French or English.
  • The job offered must not directly affect a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident; meaning that the employer must ensure that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident within the area is eligible for such a position before handing the opportunity to a foreign worker.
  • Candidates must pay a $550 BC PNP processing fee must be submitted with all BC PNP Skilled Immigration applications.

2. Entrepreneur Immigration Stream Under BC PNP

This stream is available for businessmen and women or anyone with a fat pocket, looking to open or purchase a business in British Columbia. The stream provides a straight part to permanent residents in British Columbia.

You are nominated through the Entrepreneur Stream or the Entrepreneur Regional Pilot category after you have obtained a business successfully in British Columbia.

Requirements for the Entrepreneur Stream or the Entrepreneur Regional Pilot category

  • Applicant must have a Net worth of CAD$600,000 minimum to be eligible;
  • Must have Entrepreneurial experience managing businesses or a particular business.
  • Candidate must meet the language criteria to apply, proof of language proficiency,  like a test report is often required.
  • Must be admissible to immigrate to Canada.

Entrepreneur Regional Pilot Requirement

Because you are going to be investing in a small Region in British Columbia, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a Net worth of CAD$300,000 minimum to be eligible;
  • Must have Entrepreneurial experience of at least 3 years managing a business, or you actively run your own business for a year now, or two years as a manager in a business
  • Candidate must meet the language criteria to apply, proof of language proficiency, like a test report is often required.
  • An academic credential, or proof to show that you actively manage your own business for the past five years or more.
  • The business must be opened outside of Vancouver and Abbotsford
  • Have at least one or two full-time employees who are not your family member.

3. Tech Pilot Stream Under BC PNP

If you are a Tech professional, or you know your way around the current tech devices, then there is a job for you in British Columbia. Over the years, the province has sort after tech talented workers to help fill up vacant positions in the province.

As a matter of fact, when you apply through the Canadian Express Entry program as a tech professional looking to immigrate to British Columbia, your application immediately becomes a priority, and with the weekly invitations, you will easily receive a nomination to immigrate and apply to become a permanent resident in Canada through the BC PNP.

Below are List of Eligible Tech Jobs To apply With

NOC Number
Eligible Tech Jobs
Telecommunication carriers managers
Computer and information systems managers
Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
Civil engineers
Mechanical engineers
Electrical and electronics engineers
Chemical engineers
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
Information systems analysts and consultants
Database analysts and data administrators
Software engineers and designers
Computer programmers and interactive media developers
Web designers and developers
Biological technologists and technicians
Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians
Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)
Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics
Computer network technicians
User support technicians
Information systems testing technicians
Authors and writers
Translators, terminologists and interpreters
Broadcast technicians
Audio and video recording technicians
Other technical and co-ordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts
Support occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and the performing arts
Graphic designers and illustrators
Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade

If you do not know your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, kindly use the free Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator we have provided on this site to estimate your score to know where you have to improve your chances of being invited to Canada.

If you are coming to Canada to study, you also need to know if you are eligible before applying. Use the free Study In Canada Eligibility Tool we have provided on this blog to check your eligibility to study in Canada.

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