How is Coronavirus Affecting International Students in Canada?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, experts have advised that everyone must stay at home as it is the only effective means of avoiding the spread of the virus.

The virus has also moved from an epidemic to a pandemic that initially had a mortality rate of 0.2% but has now moved to a double digits mortality rate claiming thousands of lives so far.

With the stay at the home decree, students wonder how they may be able to complete the school session on time or if the academic session will ever continue is still very unknown as the virus still spreads.

Canada has also closed its international borders which means that international students who go back to their country may not return until the border is re-opened and every school has been physically shut down, which means that students and staffs have to remain in their homes. To this effect, many institutions have adopted online studies and distance learning in order to keep up with academic schedules.

Prime minister Trudeau stated in his statement that the government will provide all the necessary assistance for Canadians and permanent residents in terms of groceries, rent, and others.

What happens when A Student Returns To Their Home Country?

Because of school closures, and travel restrictions, international students returning to Canada will not be allowed at this time. Although, international students who wish to travel back to their home country will be allowed to do so but will not be allowed to return until the restrictions are lifted.

This means you can leave but will not be allowed to return, but then if you miss classes due to the pandemic virus, and traveled to your home country, special classes and considerations may be set out for you depending on the institution you are attending. In that regard, be sure to notify the school before such travels are made.

International Students Whose Study Permit Expires

Although everyone has been told to stay at home including office workers, students may still be allowed to extend their study permit or change their status to a visitor visa. Canadian government being compassionate will not be deporting any immigrant or refugee during this period too, this means you can still apply if you are eligible.

If you are unable to renew or restore your status within the stipulated 60 days as a result of this pandemic outbreak, IRCC may still consider your application if you provide a detailed note of your reason.

IRCC further stated that an additional 90 days will be granted to all applicants affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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