How Can I Become A Certified Teacher In Canada?

The teaching job is the most sort after occupations in Canada this month. Due to the high increase of people living in Canada, considering the number of immigrants been accepted each year, schools have expanded their classroom and the number of courses they offer, thus, requiring more teachers in those areas urgently.

Canada has a great educational system that is favourable to both international students, local students, and teachers. It can be compared with any other in the world. The schools or universities are among the best and has so far produced great minds and leaders both in Canada and the world.

To become a teacher in Canada, you must be the best, prove beyond doubt that that you are qualified, reside in Canada, be proficient with any of the Canadian languages (French or English Language).

The teaching occupation is on high demand in Canada, and so many of the provinces have introduced immigration pathways and programs to bring qualified teachers. Canadian Federal Express Entry program has also specified programs that are strictly focused on bringing in qualified teachers from around the world.

Is The Teaching Jobs In Canada For Me?

Teaching is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada because is so in-demand and teachers are very scarce, the government and even private schools are paying more for this service.

As a teacher you can fall under any one of the following:

  • Elementary school and kindergarten
  • secondary school teacher or assistant.

To be recognized as a teacher in Canada you must acquire the necessary educational degree and a teaching certificate that qualifies you to teach. Although not all the teaching position requires a teaching certificate, you may not be allowed to teach in different provinces even when you obtain a teaching certificate.

The teaching certificate is obtained provincially, which means you are only allowed to use it in the province where it was obtained.

Criteria and Documents Required to Become A Teacher

  • You must be a resident in Canada and in a particular province.
  • You must have an Educational degree and qualifications.
  • A work reference Letter
  • Membership to either a provincial or territorial teachers’ association;
  • Provincial teaching certificate
  • A certificate that qualifies you to teach in English or French language.

Teaching in Canada can be very beneficial you can migrate as a teacher from your country to Canada, or try to become a teacher while you are in Canada. But you must ask your self a very important question, Is the Teaching Job in Canada for Me?

The Canadian teachers are expected to act in a certain, possess certain qualities, not just the certificates, as a teacher you ought:

  • To be patient
  • Calculative;
  • Show good behaviour at all times
  • Be ready to learn and impact knowledge
  • Possess a certain level of humour
  • And if you teach the younger ones, you must tolerate certain things.

How Do I Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher?

Like we stated earlier, the teaching occupation is on high demand and the Canadian government wants to bring as many teachers as possible to cover areas that are vacant. One way to come to Canada as a teacher is through the Canada Federal express entry.

There are pathways created specifically to bring teachers to various provinces, and that is the Provincial Nominee program and also streams like Occupation in-demand.

There are two processes to migrate to Canada as a teacher the first requires you to obtain an employment offer, and the other is through the Occupation In-demand stream which requires no job offer. The Occupation In-demand stream is not used by all the provinces in Canada.

If you have obtained an employment offer, then you need to follow the following steps:

  • Create an Express Entry Profile with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Meet all the requirements such as age, language ability, education, work experience, etc with your employment offer, you are sure to get a high score for nomination. Find out how the express entry system works here.
  • Your profile will be added to a pool once it is successfully created, and subsequently, you will have to apply or submit an Expression of interest to a province to show your interest, and if you are eligible, you will receive an invitation to apply from the province you showed your interest.

The Occupation in-demand procedure

The Occupation in-demand is not entirely a different procedure, except this time the job offer requirement is not necessary. Once there is a vacancy for a job and the Canadian government is looking to fill out the position, the occupation will be in demand for a suitable applicant. And if you meet the requirement for that position then you are sure to get it.

You will need to create an express entry profile, and then find out if you meet the requirements for the teaching jobs or profession that are In-demand. Then apply for immigration through the Occupation In-demand stream.

Please note here that if you go through OID, you need to provide proof of funds showing you have enough money to support yourself and your family while you look for a job in Canada after moving there.

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