Everything You Need To Know About Canada Visa Invitation And How To Get It

Canada Visa Invitation

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) through their various embassies and consulates around the world is in charge of issuing Canadian visitor visa otherwise known as Temporary Resident Visa.

Getting a Temporary Visa means you will be staying in Canada on a temporary basis, usually not more than 6 months.


Immigrants on a Temporary visa usually visa for various reasons such as tourism, visiting family or friends, or business.

Applicants from developing or underdeveloped countries pose a major concern to the immigration officers, “will the applicant go back to their home country after the expiration of their visa?”

The Canadian embassy in some cases requests for an invitation letter to Canada from someone you know over there. This letter of invitation offers security that the applicant will not renege on the undertaking entered during the visa application process.

This article will furnish you with details of what an invitation letter for Visa is, how to get it, as well as sample invitation letters to Canada which you can use.

Canada Visa Invitation

Invitation Letter

As the name implies is a signed letter from someone you know in Canada and the person can vouch for you. This person can be your family member, business partner, or friend.

The invitation letter serves as a guarantee that the applicant is not giving false information about their intentions to enter Canada, that the applicant will be supported financially if they are unable to do so, and that the applicant will not overstay their visit to Canada.

Receiving a letter of invitation does not guarantee that you will issue a visa, but it can strengthen your case if you meet the requirements.

Who can Write An Invitation Letter

A family member such as a parent, sibling, a close friend, friend of the family, or a business partner if you are visiting Canada for business.

The important requirement is that the person sending the invitation letter must have legal status in Canada. The sender must be a;

  • Canadian Citizen or
  • Permanent Resident.

Note: If you are from certain countries, Sometimes the visa office will request a notarized invitation letter. it is a better idea to get the letter notarized ahead of time in order to avoid delays with your application.

Information About The Visa Applicant

The Invitation letter must include the following information about the visa applicant:

  • Your personal information (full name and date of birth)
  • Your contact information (telephone number and email)
  • Your current address
  • Your relationship with the person inviting you
  • Your purpose for visiting Canada
  • Place of accommodation
  • Your period of stay in Canada
  • Financial expenses
  • Date of leaving Canada

Information About The Invitee

The person inviting you will have to include the following information about themselves:

  • Their personal information (full name and date of birth)
  • Home address in Canada and their contact details(telephone, email)
  • Job title in Canada
  • Proof of their status in Canada (photocopy):
    For citizens:
  • If the person was born in Canada: Canadian birth certificate or citizenship certificate
  • If the person naturalized as a Canadian citizen (swore the oath) Canadian citizenship certificate
    For permanent residents:
  • PR Card
  • If they do not have a valid PR Card, a Record of Landing (IMM 1000), Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or Verification of Status.
  • The total number of people living in the household inviting you, especially anyone who was sponsored for permanent residence in the past, or anyone currently being sponsored inland.

Note: You cannot know ahead of time whether or not the visa officer will ask for a notarized invitation letter but you can guess. It’s better to be prepared and have the notarized copy ready to submit if requested. (Better yet, submit it with your initial application.)

Canada Visa Invitation

Submitting Your Invitation Letter

The letter does not need to be submitted as a separate document from the rest of the application.

You should submit the invitation letter with your initial Canadian visa application. If you wait to submit an invitation letter until you are requested to submit one by the visa office, your application may be delayed.

Sample Invitation Letter For Canadian Visa

Toronto, May 10, 2018

To the Canadian Embassy in South Africa

(Embassy Address)

(Embassy Phone Number)

Subject: Invitation Letter for Mr. Robert Nelson

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Kara Nelson, I was born on March 5th, 1981 and I am from Toronto, Canada. I am a Canadian permanent resident and I live at 4558 Clinton Ave. My household has 2 people living in it (my husband and son)
and I work as a credit risk analyst at HPQ Group financial services, Toronto Canada earning CAD$75,000 annually.

Through this letter, I am inviting Robert Nelson, born on February 3rd, 1987 and currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa to Canada for a short stay. Robert will be staying at my house from June 11th till July 10th, 2018. I am Robert’s cousin and we will be visiting and touring around Canada for 1 month in different locations.

Robert currently works as a curator at the National Museum South Africa, earning $53,000 per year with which she will be able to afford the stay in Canada. Robert is a genuine visitor who will not overstay his visa. Her work obligations in South Africa extend and she is needed back to work as soon as she returns from Canada.

Please see attached a certified copy of my Permanent Resident Card and my bank report for the past 6 months.

Feel free to contact me should you have any further questions regarding myself or Robert Nelson.

I look forward to having Robert visit me in Canada so we can spend time together and visit the country.

Kind regards,

Kara Nelson

4558 Clinton Ave, Toronto, Canada

(Phone number)

(email) Signature


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