Do You Know These Are The Best States For Immigrants

best states for immigrants

Today over 40 million foreign-born resides in the U.S, making the U.S a destination hub for immigrants.

Despite tighter immigration policies and reforms by the present administration to curtail immigration into the United States, some U.S. is introducing immigrant-friendly policies to encourage immigrate, defying federal mandates.


In light of crackdowns by immigration and Customs Enforcement, the California Senate passed a bill aimed at protecting immigrants. This bill curtails the power of the ICE agents in the state. Some states provide different opportunities for immigrants to earn and study, while some states provide avenues for quick assimilation for immigrants.

These cities, in no particular order, are most welcoming to immigrants.


One of the wealthiest states in the U.S. has been working tenaciously to make the state more welcoming and accommodating for immigrants. In a bid to protect immigrants from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the police, a policy was enacted that disallow ICE agents and the police from asking residents about their immigration status.

4In 2016 a bill was introduced for official government cards. ID cards will enable immigrants to have access to government services and bank services. Having the ID allays fear and gives immigrants confidence when calling the police.

best states for immigrants


The country’s capital is a magnet to immigrants, immigrants make up 20% of the entire population, and with its immigrant-friendly environment, the door is wide open for immigrants. The state introduced an innovate program that helps prepare immigrants for the labor market and towards economic self-sufficiency.


Dubbed as a safe haven for immigrants, California passed a bill protecting immigrants from law Immigration and Customs agents (ICE) and the police from asking residents about their status. 27% of the state’s population is foreign-born. Despite its relatively high cost of living due to technological boom and innovative business start-ups, the surge of immigrants to the safe haven seems unabated. California offers municipal IDs and has an office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs.


Chicago has a lower cost of living than NYC. the New Americans Campaign is part of its innovative programs aimed at helping new immigrants assimilate into society.

New York

While the cost of living and transportation in New York is relatively high, New York still remains a safe haven for immigrants. Almost every ethnic group of the world resides in New York, with the largest municipal ID program. As part of the effort to protects its residents, ICE has minimal authority in the state.


Massachusetts has attained sanctuary city status because of its many friendly immigrant-friendly programs. Massachusetts has an affordable mass transit system, plus $11/hour minimum wage enacted recently.


Virginia attained sanctuary status. With its relatively immigrant-friendly policies, this is one of the few states foreign-born households out-earn U.S. born household by a reasonable gap. With 40% of the foreign-born adults acquiring a bachelor’s degree.


Wisconsin offers a municipal ID program and universal pre-school. Wisconsin protects immigrants by prohibiting Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and police from questioning residents about status. Wisconsin is fairly affordable to new immigrants, with its affordable housing and transport system. Its immigrant-friendly policies have earned it a sanctuary status for immigrants.


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