Do You Know Studying In Canada Is A Route To Becoming A Permanent Resident?

Canada is famed for offering top-notch research-based education, and the prospects of finding work after graduation are high, an endearing feat for international students. Although studying in Canada can be expensive for international students, it is still a popular destination for international students who seek quality education.

International students studying in Canada are on a temporary resident permit, by law are expected to leave the country when their visa expires. However international students, who wish to remain in Canada permanently have to apply for a Permanent resident permit, which cancels the duration of stay in Canada.

International students while applying for study permit can still apply for permanent residency, dual intent allows you to state your desire to the immigration official that someday you wish to live and work permanently in Canada, this process is entirely legal.  The application process for both visas is independent of each other.

International students who have completed their degree and wish to remain in Canada as a permanent resident can through the following program actualize their dreams.

Study In Canada

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

To qualify for this program, international students must have completed a post-graduate degree in any accredited Canadian institution for at least a period of two years. Additionally, the international student must have twelve months of full-time work experience. Work experience as a student or unpaid internship does not count as work experience for this program, the international student must have gotten the work experience after graduation.

Quebec Experience Class (QEC)

International students who have completed a degree program in Quebec and is proficient in the French language qualifies for this program. Work experience is not a major criterion to qualify for this program.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Because of the top-notch education offered in Canada handful of Provinces such as Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island offers expedited immigration options for international students who completed a degree course in their province.

However requirements vary across Provinces, some Province may require work experience or valid job offer from a Canadian employer to qualify for this program.


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