Convince A Canadian Employer You are the Right Candidate with These Tips

Working in Canada is a rare opportunity that many candidates and unemployed youths would like to get, but it’s not very easy to get a job of your choice in Canada especially if you are a foreigner.

Despite the stats that suggest that the unemployment rate in Canada is low, which proves that almost all the people who have reached the working age in Canada are employed, employers are still finding it hard to see a talented employee or workers.

There are vacancies in Canada but the question is, Are you the right person for the job? This is what employers want to know and all they care about.

Employers believe that the current labour force lack talents, experience, finesse, personality, and quality. Those who are right for a job are very little or next to none.

Survey has shown that employers in Canada make their selection and decisions based on candidates’ interactive, communication and interpersonal skills when they are called for an interview. Many candidates have failed and falling short of this basic skill.

Canadian employers demand mostly common sense and the right attitude to work from workers and candidates. But surprisingly, job seekers turn blind eyes or just choose to ignore these job basics.

When you work into an office for an interview and you walk in with the right amount of confidence and smartness, then you are on the right path to winning the heart of the employer.

Some of the skills that are the most in-demand:

  • A Positive Attitude
  • Good communication skills. Employers expect the candidate to communicate effectively.
  • Customer service and interaction skills.
  • Teamwork and a good work ethic.
  • Know your resume inside out and do not allow the interviewer to go through your lengthy resume.
  • Be honest and let what you have on your resume correspond with the answers you will be provided during the interview.
  • Before applying for a job trying to be informed about the company and make researches to know about the progress and issues facing the company.

Companies may sometimes want to hire a candidate, but oftentimes you find out that they are not just the right person for the job or they didn’t create the impression that they are good for the job.

It is not easy but you must do your best as much as possible not to take a job refusal as a personal thing, It’s a professional decision.

Always see it as an avenue to learn from your experience and figure out different ways to improve yourself for the next time. Perseverance is key to success and job seekers need to have that positivity, especially when in Canada.

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