Check List of Documents Required For Quebec Immigration Application

When it comes to immigration, selecting, and inviting skilled workers or otherwise, the province of Quebec has an entirely different set of rules and requirements from other provinces in Canada. Quebec is one of Canada’s biggest province, and it’s home to millions of people, immigrants and citizens included.

As we know, Canada has two official languages which are English and French. Depending on the province you intend to settle, you are expected to have prior knowledge of either of the two languages and also provide proof of language proficiency. The official language for the province is French, and immigrants who have good French knowledge are usually favoured.

Applicants who wish to move to the province are expected to apply to the province’s own version of the Provincial Nominee Program called the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). The program accepts thousands of applications each year, with more focus on skilled and talented workers who can add value to the province.

So like other Provincial Nominee Program, QSWP requires candidates to have work experience of at least one year in a particular field. Also, candidates are expected to have good French language skills English can still be accepted. Then lastly, all applicants to the QSWP must have genuine intentions of residing in Quebec.

Documents Required For Quebec Immigration Application

  • You will need proof of language proficiency, an English or French test is usually required and very few are accepted such as IELTS, etc.
  • You will be required to get a police clearance certificate, to prove you have not been convicted for any serious charges.
  • You also will be required to provide proof of substantial funds, enough money to take care of you at least for the first year in the country.
  • You will need a medical clearance document to prove you healthy.
  • Health insurance.
  • Proof of work experience for at least one year.

Applicants are to submit the documents along with their applications and ensure that the document has a minimal level of resolution for a legible document. Also, candidates are advised to submit coloured photocopies of their documents.

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