Canada Permanent Resident Vs Citizenship

The goal of many people coming to Canada, is it to work, live, study or visit loved ones. While some of the immigrants become eligible for permanent residents or citizenship over the years, others do not qualify.

To become a permanent resident in Canada means you are eligible to work, live, move in and out of Canada at will, and study in Canada for as long as you want.

When you first enter Canada either as an immigrant, student, tourist, visitor or just for a holiday, you a given a temporary visa.

A temporary visa only allows you to stay in Canada as a temporary resident, which means your stay in Canada is for a short period.

Canada Permanent Resident Vs Citizenship

Permanent Resident Vs Canadian Citizenship

An immigrant must meet all the requirements for a permanent residency status which include: 3-5 years’ Canadian work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, etc. before you are considered for permanent residency.

A permanent resident enjoys all the benefits entitled to a citizen with an exception of voting rights, and the right to run for political power.

Permanent Residents will not have the rights to hold any government positions especially the ones that require a high-level security clearance. Another important document that a permanent resident cannot be allowed to possess is a Canadian passport.

With a Canadian passport, a citizen can move in and out of Canada at will, but then a permanent resident will require a valid permanent resident card or a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD).

The Permanent resident card proves that the holder is permitted to stay in Canada permanently and the card must be renewed from time to time.

Although it is required that you renew your status, you do not lose your status as a permanent occupant when it expires.

Another advantage a citizen has over a permanent resident is the right to reside outside Canada for as long as they want. On the other hand, a permanent resident can only reside outside Canada for 3 years in a five years’ period.

The penalty for staying longer than three years outside Canada within a five years’ period is losing your PR status.

In conclusion, a permanent resident will have to apply for a citizenship status to enjoy full benefits and rights in Canada. A PR card must be maintained regularly too but as a citizen, you will not require a PR card.


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