Canada Family Class Sponsorship

Canada Family Class Sponsorship

Canadian family class sponsorship program is exactly what the name suggests, it a program created by the Canadian government to help reunite Canadian citizens and permanent residents with their loved ones who are residing outside Canada.

Those who are sponsored can work, study, live and could finally apply become permanent residents in Canada if they meet the necessary criteria.


Now, citizens and permanent residents who are currently residing in Canada are able to bring their family members and close relatives to Canada using this program.

Who can become a Sponsor?

  • Only Citizens or Permanent residents who are above 18 years.
  • Those who can provide evidence that they are financially stable to assist the family member who they intend to sponsor.
  • Citizens or permanent residents who currently reside or plans to reside in Canada before their sponsored partner or family member arrives in Canada.
  • You cannot be a sponsor if you owe Canada through unpaid loans or otherwise.
  • Citizens or Permanent residents who failed to pay for child support.
  • Those who were sponsored to Canada cannot be a sponsor.
  • Those who have not been charged to jail for any serious crime in Canada or otherwise.

Who can be sponsored?

  • As a sponsor in Canada, you are only able to bring to Canada three categories of family members once you qualify as a sponsor.
  • You are able to bring your spouse or common-law partner.
  • You are also able to bring to Canada a dependent child or children You can also sponsor your parents and grandparents.

Only these categories of people qualify to be sponsored under the family sponsor program. The family member who is going to be sponsored must also qualify to be sponsored.

Canada Family Class Sponsorship

Requirements For Family Members Who Are To Be Sponsored:

  • Dependent child or children who are not above 21 years, those who are still single are eligible.
  • The family member must no serious criminal record or case or even a serious illness.
  • Partners or common-law partners who can provide valid marriage documents to prove they are either married or are partners by law.
  • The family member you want to sponsor must provide necessary documents for the related family class visa.
  • Your relationship with the person you want to sponsor must be genuine.
  • Family members will be required to make themselves available for biometrics clearance. That is, they will have to provide fingerprints, photograph, and other information.

How To Sponsor

You must first gather the required documents such as:

  • An Interest To Sponsor Form.
  • A Canadian Citizen Certificate or a permanent resident card probably photocopy.
  • Canadian Passport.
  • Complete the application.
  • Pay all the application fee.
  • Mail your application.

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