Canada Approves New Coronavirus Vaccine, What’s Next For Immigrants

The Canadian Government has recently approved a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus, and this is definitely a step in the right direction for both Canadians and immigrants.

With the emergence of the deadly virus, all immigration programs in Canada were immediately closed as a countermeasure to reduce the spread of the virus in Canada.

Travel restrictions for internal and external movements were placed to prevent direct communication and exposure with persons with the virus.

However, with the news released by the health department in Canada, confidently stating that the new Corona Virus vaccine (developed by Pfizer and BioNTech Manufacturing) recently approved, has the quality to completely and effectively protect people from the virus and keep Canada safe again.

The health department in Canada has also stated the terms and conditions that would guide the usage of the vaccine to ensure that it is not causing more harm and the efficacy of the drug.

There would be a monthly check and report on the side effect it has on different people who have received treatment.

More checks will also be conducted to further test the safety and efficiency of the vaccine on different individuals.

Since the approval of the vaccine on December 9, 2020, the prime minister of Canada has stated that over 30,000 doses of the vaccine have been requested and are expected to arrive in Canada this week, and another 250,000 doses are expected to arrive in Canada before the end of the year, or first week of January 2021.

What’s Next For Immigrants?

This will bring an end to the reign of the deadly virus, and mark a new beginning for Canada, its citizens, and immigrants who are in Canada or looking to immigrate to Canada.

Canada immigration plans for the year which has faced unsolicited decline will want to reach another level in 2021, all provinces would almost want to double their immigration targets to meet up with the long-term immigration plans.

Before the announcement by the health department of Canada, IRCC and the Canadian immigration system were on low key processing several immigration applications to bringing in new immigrants.

In October 2020, Canada welcomed 15,000 new immigrants to apply for permanent residence. And another 5,000 in the past week. This goes to show that Canada and its immigration system are not planning to back down now not even with the virus crisis.

Immigrants looking to settle in Canada should plan now more than ever to immigrate because in 2021 the immigration doors will be wide open again with different Canadian provinces looking to bring in immigrants to fill up job vacant spaces.

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