Are Truck Drivers Still In Demand In Canada?

The pandemic has left many asking if there are still jobs for immigrants in Canada? If immigrants have a chance to migrate to Canada and find a job this period?

Part of the reasons the Canadian government opened its borders to immigrants is to help reduce the laborer shortage the country is facing. The government is on the positive stance that inviting Semi-Skilled immigrants will help not only to reduce the shortage of workers but also improve the nation’s economy.

One of the many semi-skilled occupations that are constantly in-demand is Truck Driving. According to the Analysis reports by the Conference Board of Canada, the Canadian truck transportation industry sector by 2021 is going to accept 15,000 international truck drivers as a result of vacancies that will be open, and new companies/firm that will be created which would mean more job opportunities, the high number of retirees truck drivers and the difficulty faced by employers to find skilled truck drivers fit for these positions.

  • Delivery Truck Drivers
  • Truck drivers (Class 1/AZ and 3/D)
  • Truck/Transport Mechanics
  • Transport Trailer Technician
  • Parts Technician
  • Shunt Drivers
  • Truck Cargo Workers
  • Trucking Dispatchers
  • Trucking Freight Claims
  • Trucking Foreman 

How Is This an Opportunity for You to Immigrate to Canada?

As you know the application process to immigrate to Canada is presently very slow as a result of the pandemic shaking the world. Some immigration offices are still gradually reopening and as a result, it might take longer to process any application.

Not too many see the need to apply as a truck driver because not too many have the skill, they feel there is a far easier route to Canada, or they probably just feel it’s less profitable to drive trucks in Canada.

However, if you are a certified international truck driver back in your home country, this could be a great opportunity to move to Canada as there will be lesser competition, the demand for truck drivers will definitely spike higher in 2021 meaning that more people will be accepted, and most of all, there are quite a good number of provincial programs you can choose from.

How To Immigrate To Canada as a Truck Driver

Since truck driving is one of the most sort after occupations in Canada, they earn quite a lot too. An annual salary of a truck driver can range anywhere between $50,000 to $150,000 means that they are among some of the top earners in Canada.

They also enjoy a lot of other benefits too, like when they do jobs of longer routes, or across countries, they receive fat bonuses and benefits together with the huge salary they earn. But how do you move to Canada as a truck driver?

The first step is to find the different programs offering truck drivers a route to Canada e.g., Provincial Nominee Programs, Temporary Foreign Worker Program, etc.

As a temporary worker applying through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, you get the opportunity to work for a Canadian employer when your application is approved, and you are in Canada.

To apply you can enter the Canadian Express Entry Pool or apply online via an Expression of Interest for some provinces in Canada. If you meet the criteria of any province, you will receive an invite to apply for the province’s Provincial Nominee Program.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is used by specific provinces in Canada to bring skilled or semi-skilled workers to their province to fill up job vacancies and reduce labor shortage. A good example of a PNP is the ‘Long-Haul Truck Driver Project’, which is part of the Provincial Nominee Program’s Saskatchewan Experience Category.

To qualify for any of the programs you must meet the program criteria and also you need to have some years of working experience, a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, pass a medical screening, train according to Canadian truck driving laws, and zero criminal records.

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